99home launches zero-fee agency franchise gLocalAgent

£0 investment offer sees agency set its sights on the global market after launching a European model in May and hopes for 100 registered agents by December 2023.


Hybrid agency 99home has launched gLocalAgent, a zero-fee agency franchise network as a mobile hub-based agency for £0 investment and is also offering an optional high street presence with its sites set firmly on the international market.

Sachin Gupta, 99home co-founder and COO is already on record saying he has ‘a goal to be the owner of the largest real estate business in the UK’. And Vijayant Vashistha, fellow 99home co-founder and chief executive has a stated aim to ‘build a one stop property marketplace’.

Vashistha told The Neg that gLocalAgent – pronounced as global agent, glocal being global – is going to be an international business and aims to have 100 registered agents by December next year.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel we’re just making the car easier to drive.

He says: “We’re building a network of international agents. We have already launched 99home Europe in May and now it’s time to expand.

“For years the USA has been coming over here now we’re taking it over there,” he says. “This is all about software and data.

“If somebody free kick or penalty – you know what you need to do. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel we’re just making the car easier to drive.”


Vashistha adds: “Seeing the current market situation, where inventory is very low, agents are struggling and it is hard to pay monthly outgoings such as licence, infrastructure and franchise fee.

“gLocalAgent is a platform for mobile agents to start their own estate agency with £0 investment. It is designed to give agents the complete freedom of running their own business whilst gaining the full support and access of the overall inhouse team at no cost, no monthly or yearly franchise or license fee and no area restrictions which means agents can gain business from any location globally.”


Agents will have access to in-house developed property portal listing software and CRM powered by gLocalAgent which Vashistha says he tested on his five-year old daughter and a 79-year old man in Scotland and both could use it fully within five minutes.

In-house social media and marketing teams will assist agents with their marketing campaigns and lead generation.

He adds: “With gLocalAgent, there is nothing stopping the agents now who wanted to start their own realtor business but had been stuck in a limbo about the market, risks, and investment involved with it.”

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