New estate agency ‘rips up the rulebook’ on sales commission – claim

Trevor Kearney's venture is focussing on prime and superprime clients and says its "lucrative" fee structure is designed to attract the industry's best.


A former Savills agent is “ripping up the rule book” on estate agency commission by offering those joining his new firm up to 50% on billings earned on sales.

Trevor Kearney (main image), who only exited Savills six months ago, has set up The Private Office: Real Estate which will be largely focused on ‘Ultra High Net Worth’ clients.

“We have launched a new breed of agency, one which I would’ve left my old position for and which the industry needs,” he says.

“There is already a buzz around our initiative in the sector. It is beyond ready for a fresh approach to buying and selling super prime; one that gives autonomy to its agents.

“We see the talent we will be bringing in as the stars of the business.”

Kearney says his commission structure will revolutionise the way agents are paid by offering more a more lucrative slice of the pie, albeit a very large piece given the high fees paid by vendors in the prime and super-prime market.

The agency is the latest of several in the UK to utilise the US-style of brokerage, most of which have focused on the higher end of the sales market where large commission payments make such models easier to operate financially.

“The traditional agency model is outdated and has failed to modernise in line with today’s agile, sophisticated clientele,” adds Kearney.


“Commission structures at the large incumbent real estate firms are unfair on agents and the profit goes directly into the business’ bottom line. At the same time, clients are not listened to or dealt with in the right way.

“We will change that. Our stated offer to those who work with us and who we work for is: ‘Experience the Exquisite’ – and that’s what we will deliver.

“Our more attractive payment structures, breaking the mould which other agencies simply cannot achieve due to rigid corporate structures.”

The Private Office: Real Estate is based in Guildford with an HQ team of nine although property will not be its only arm – other ventures include both the sports, security and entertainment sectors.

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