Crux Careers and the Relocation Agent Network join forces to offer enhanced package to RAN members

RAN boss Simon Whale says that the firms are pooling their expertise to offer members exclusive access to Crux’s recruitment and training services.

Simon Whale of RAN

Crux Careers and the Relocation Agent Network (RAN) have joined forces to offer agents an enhanced suite of resources aimed at boosting operations, from recruitment and training to networking and market reach.

For the first time RAN members will gain access to Crux Careers’ specialised recruitment and training programmes, bridging the talent gap and raising professional standards within the industry.


The partnership combines sophisticated recruitment strategies with market reach and in-depth industry insights.

Iain White, Director, Crux Careers
Iain White, Director, Crux Careers

Indeed, it has the potential to save each RAN member thousands of pounds each year by offering a service at the same price point normally only available to larger corporate agents.

Iain White, Director, Crux Careers, says: “This partnership represents a significant milestone for us and for the property industry at large.

“We’re passionate about elevating the standard of talent within the sector and are excited to extend our reach, helping more agents achieve their full potential.”


Simon Whale (main picture), RAN Chief Executive, says: “Collaboration is at the core of RAN’s ethos and so we are thrilled to embark on this journey with Crux Careers and the Relocation Agent Network.

“By bringing together the best of what we all offer, we’re setting a new industry standard for how estate agents can enhance their services and thrive in today’s dynamic market.”

And he adds: “Partnering with Crux allows us to offer our members the opportunity to strengthen their operations from within through superior recruitment and training.

“RAN has always prided itself on the quality of its member agents and we know that these tools and services can only help our members be better with their most important resource, their own people.”

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