Estate agency operation rules for Covid flare-up areas revealed

The Guild advises members in Leicester what they can and cannot do under the new lockdown rules, and states the advice likely to apply during future situations too.

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The Guild of Property Professionals says estate agents who find themselves in Covid flare-up lockdowns like the one around Leicester at the moment do not have to close their offices.

But the organisation’s Compliance Officer Paul Offley says he’s been in contact with Guild members in the city to advise them that their teams should work from home where they possibly can.

He also says agents can still travel to work, but that other journeys should not be made unless to undertake ‘essential’ tasks such as property repairs or maintenance.
Face-to-face viewings in the Leicester lockdown zone would be deemed to be breaking the guidelines.

Offley’s comments have been made as his boss, Guild CEO Ian Mackenzie, has urged fellow agents around the UK to stick to the Covid guidelines and procedures or risk a wave of local lockdowns and experience the disappointment of closing their businesses down for a second time.

Real threat

“Covid is still a very real threat and we need to ensure we are protecting our customers and our businesses by being prepared and following government guidelines,” he says.

“Agents who are not following health guidelines are doing so at their own peril and are placing themselves, as well as their vendors and buyers in danger.”

“As an industry that works with people and in their homes, it is our responsibility that we do all we can to ensure they are protected and feel safe throughout the process.”

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