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Games giant opens estate agency to publicise SIMS launch

The publicity stunt will see EA Games operate fake branch on a street in Soho, central London for several days.

sims landgraab estate agency

A leading games publisher has opened a fake estate agency to publicise the launch of The Sims 4: For Rent.

Agents may not be amused to see that the publicity stunt’s creators have reached for the oldest cliché about the property industry – namely that agents are greedy.

The fake branch, which has been opened on a street in central London, is called Landgraab & Son(s) Estate Agents and is staffed by actors playing characters from the game. To prevent confusion among passers-by about the stunt, entry to the branch is via pre-booked tickets only.

On a positive note, the game’s publisher EA Games, which is best known for its football games, says it will allow SIMS players for the first time ever to experience what it means to run a fantasy property portfolio while playing The Sims 4.

Property mogul

“Landgraab & Son(s) brings this gameplay element into the real world, giving guests the chance to put themselves into the shoes of a property mogul for the day,” the publicity blurb says.

All today visitors to the estate agency ‘branch’ can “can immerse themselves in the world of The Sims 4 – and get hands-on with the newest expansion pack, Simify themselves in pictures, and interact with their favourite characters from The Sims in real life!”.

The game enables players to be either property owners, letting agents or tenants and deal with managing properties including fixing issues, unruly neighbours and managing portfolios.

For those not familiar with The SIMS and the world of gaming, players live in an entirely digital world interacting with other players in a variety of roles including, now, being a landlord, property manager or tenant.

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