Gnomen points the way through Covid

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Montana and Hassan lead the team at Gnomen


Agency CRM software supplier Gnomen is highlighting the flexibility its package offers clients under Covid restrictions, to enable them to connect with their teams and to work from anywhere.

The fully comprehensive, total management package is quick to onboard new clients and offers modular options to develop your business model. A traditional agency could also offer an online service too, allowing agents to become ‘hybrid’, to compete more strongly in their areas.

Connectivity is also a key aspect of Gnomen, which also provides landlords and vendors with their own 24/7 client portal so they can see live property progress, share documents, add properties, manage viewings and offers, view statements and invoices and assign work orders.

Montana Hassan, Business Development Director, said, “We know there are agents who are struggling to keep their businesses running smoothly in the pandemic and we’d be happy to show them how the software allow all their staff to operate remotely and totally effectively.” Beyond Covid Montana points out that Gnomen software has total versatility, allowing agents to operate online and hybrid models, as well as traditional agency business. “We’re also one of the very few platforms that offers full office accounting, too,” he added. Gnomen’s payment plans are flexible and have no minimum contract stipulation.


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