Harding Green escapes to the country with new operations outside London

Founders say success in its traditional central London areas has persuaded the firm to extend its self-employed network of agents.

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London upmarket estate agency Harding Green has launched its business outside of its traditional central prime central zones following trials in Wimbledon Village and Hampshire, where former Wetherell agent Polyanna Hunter has set up shop.

The estate agency, which was established in 2017 by former corporate employees Nick Carter (pictured) and Matthew Alexander, has also claimed that one of its self-employed brokers recently earned £100,000 in a single month.

Harding Green is run along lines similar in some way to Purplebricks but very different in one important one – it enables brokers to keep 80% of any fees they generate from sales, and gives them much greater latitude in how they operate their operations.

“It is important to line up agents correctly setting realistic expectations, giving them the correct guidance and support, not just administrative,” says Carter.

Go getter

“This way of working is here to stay but it is not for everyone, you must be a real go getter.

“The question we always ask potential consultants before making them an offer is “where are your first three instructions coming from?” If you cannot be confident to list instructions from your personal network, then maybe this model is not right for you.

“This is not all Bentleys and Rolls Royces, it is hard work for the first year, not just the first few months.”

Carter also says it is not unusual for its brokers to earn £20,000 or more in a single month, fees which they earn alongside the company’s recently-launched share scheme, which gives brokers equity in the firm each time they make a sale.

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