Smartphones can now be used to unlock front doors of Airbnb properties

Claimed game changer for lettings industry has been announced between tech firm Klevio and Airbnb management firm Hostmaker.


One of the UK’s leading Airbnb management agencies has become the first to fit ‘game changing’ electronic locks which enable those booking properties on the platform to let themselves in using just their smartphone.

The technology removes one of the key barriers to the expansion of platforms like Airbnb; that landlords or property managers need to meet customers at the door to give them keys.

Several services including most recently KeyNest have gained significant funding to offer a national key-holding service.

Smartphone access

But the partnership between London-based tech firm Klevio and Hostmaker means those booking Airbnb listings can simply turn up and use their smartphone to access the property.

The main attraction for Hostmaker, which looks after approximately 2,000 properties in London as well as eight other cities in Europe and Asia, is that the Klevio unit doesn’t replace a property’s traditional front door lock and key but operates in parallel with it.

The system can also cope with guests turning up late and be used to alert managing agents when people arrive and leave.

Klevio claims it is being added to over 800 users a month and already has partnerships with half a dozen property management companies around the world.

“Having Klevio installed as standard for all our future host properties will make a marked difference to us as a company and to our guests,” says Veronica Rivas, Head of Guest Services at Hostmaker (left).

“We were one of the first to spot the opportunity to make home sharing hassle free for Hosts and Guests and believe we’re doing so again when it comes to improving our services.”

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