Labour promises to undo Gove’s new housing plans on day one

Housing secretary's blueprint for new builds will be thrown out immediately if Labour is elected, the party says.

Gove housing

Labour has promised to reverse Michael Gove’s plans to boost housing supply ‘on day one’ of a new government.

Gove piled pressure on councils to meet housing targets by warning he would name and shame any that failed.

The housing secretary also said that any local authorities which delayed legitimate planning applications could lose their powers.


But Labour warned that councils would actually do the opposite, and reduce their housing targets.

A party insider told The Times: “We will ensure that we have a system in place that meets the country’s housing needs in full.

“Fewer houses means people who want and need homes will miss out, and economic growth will suffer.”


Councils were challenged by Gove to come forward with their own targets within three months.

He acknowledged that there are sometimes good reasons for turning a development down, but if any fail to produce realistic plans then they risk having a quota imposed, and being stripped of their planning powers.

The Government has consistently missed its national target of 300,000 new homes per year, but Gove said the changes will help it to meet the target.

Kate Henderson, CEO, National Housing Federation

The announcements were, however, met with scepticism. Kate Henderson, CEO at the National Housing Federation, said: “These changes, which effectively relax local housing targets, will result in fewer homes, and measures to get councils building and approving applications, whilst positive, won’t be enough to offset this risk.”

Most are simply threats that will not make a difference in the short term”.

And the Home Builders Federation said: “Already we are seeing house building and planning permission levels tumble as a direct result of the government’s approach and further falls are now inevitable.

“While the announcement does include some modest improvements to the planning process, most are simply threats that will not make a difference in the short term.”

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  1. But is this in relation to new private developments or is it in relation to new council housing that will help resolve the temporary accommodation and homelessness crisis in our country?

    Building new council housing developments, will take the pressure off the Private Rented sector, reduce rents, put money back in the council’s pockets that is being wasted on private rents and temporary accommodation payments.

  2. Why only now the scrutiny on Local Authorities ? – They are a Local-law unto themselves ! and the Council-Tax-payers are suffering 247 different results across the country.

  3. This is a summary of the state of the UK today, run by muppets with worse muppets waiting to take over.. God help the UK. Too many people piling in and too much red tape dumbos.

  4. What a way to run a country how does anyone plan for anything from Housing to Pensions to capital expenditure. Does anyone in Westminster actually have a clue these days we need stability not sound bites we need houses not platitudes good landlords are part of the solution not part of the problem but hey its good press to kick them at every turn. I have people in my office in tears because they cannot find a home it is sickening. Have a good Christmas.

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