Leaders Romans Group offers best work-life balance, says UK poll

Platform Glassdoor says a national poll of agents puts the agency Leaders Romans at the top of many people's employment wish-list.

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A national poll of estate agency staff has revealed that those employed at the Leaders Romans Group enjoy the best work-life balance.

The company is followed in order of highest staff scores on the Glassdoor website by Hamptons International, Savills, Knight Frank, Purplebricks, Wards, RE/MAX, Arun Estates, Dexters, Prospect, Fisher German, Townends, Home Made and Chestertons.

Glassdoor says ‘work/life balance’ is the current buzz-word within many business sectors including estate agency as organisations and markets shake off Covid restrictions.

The platform, which said it canvassed some 600,000 employee reviews on its website to generate the rankings, says tech-based companies offer the best work-life balance as ‘burnout’ becomes a major issue for many employees.


A poll by Glassdoor also found that two-thirds of UK workers say the pandemic has driven them to seek a better balance between work and life and that 70% think the ‘modern definition of work-life balance is the ability to switch between work and personal activities throughout the day’.

Also, a third said they wanted more flexible working hours, another third said wanted greater choice about where they work.

The only company to make it into the national ‘Top Ten’ list of companies ranked highest for work-life balance is property management giant FirstPort, which is joined by well-known names including Dell, Mastercard, Sky Betting, the ONS and HMRC.

lauren thomas glassdoor“The companies topping our list share one important characteristic: they offer a diverse range of options that allow employees to create a balance that works for them as individuals,” says Glassdoor’s Economist Lauren Thomas (pictured), who has written a report on work-life balance in the UK.

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