Letting agents say Renters (Reform) Bill is ‘unfair’

Propertymark's Head of Policy Tim Douglas says the majority of ARLA members are unhappy with the Bill, currently waiting for its Third Reading in Parliament.

Seven out of 10 (73%) Propertymark letting agent members think that the Renters (Reform) Bill is unfair with six out of 10 (60%) believing that the removal of fixed term tenancies will impact tenants negatively.

Propertymark’s latest research report on Reforming the Private Rented Sector (PRS) also reveals that seven out of 10 (70%) agents agree that student lets should be exempt from the removal of fixed-term tenancies.


Only around half (54%) of agents agree that the PRS Database will improve PRS standards with around a quarter (24%) who disagreed. Meanwhile nine out of 10 (90%) agents agreed that the following possession grounds should be made mandatory: breach of contract; repeated late payment of rent and securing a let on the basis of false information.

Elsewhere, members want to see the PRS Database and Property Portal expanded to include qualification, registration and regulation requirements for property agents.

Other key recommendations put forward were that tenants should be able to agree to a fixed term tenancy where it is mutually beneficial for both parties and that private landlords should be able to join one of the existing redress schemes for the private rented sector (Property Redress Scheme or The Property Ombudsman).


Members also want to see the Renters (Reform) Bill introduce a statutory code of practice for the sector to adjudicate against and set out a long-term plan for the introduction of a specialist housing court.

And if the portal is introduced, then agents argue that the requirement for local licensing schemes should be removed.

Inventories and check-in/check-out reports at the beginning and end of a tenancy should also be added to the Bill to ensure deposits are returned speedily.

Tim Douglas (main picture), Head of Policy and Campaigns at Propertymark, says: “The clear view from Propertymark letting agent members highlights the importance of the need for policy makers to retain the option of fixed term tenancy where it is mutually beneficial to both parties; ensure new requirements for landlord redress complement the existing provisions that agents must adhere to, and the legislation is not a missed opportunity to regulate property agents and ensure landlords have confidence through new and strengthened grounds for possession.”

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  1. I wonder if we will go back to the era of only renting to overseas tenants or company let’s all over again. Every time I do a new rental I tell the tenants to please do tell me if anything isn’t right, that they are our customers and we want to rectify problems, not evict them.

    A few bad landlords and we have all this.

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