New lettings platform is ‘turning lead generation on its head’ says founder

Michael Savva of says his simple idea is gaining traction among agents within London.

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A lettings platform launched within Greater London last year says it is gaining traction within the capital with 100 agents signed up and 1,000s of rental enquiries already rolling in from house-hunting tenants. was soft-launched last year by former Carphone Warehouse director Michael Savva (pictured) and is a matching service between agents and prospective tenants.

The platform turns the lettings leads model on its head by putting tenants at its heart rather than properties – tenants use the platform to tell it where and what they want to rent, and for how much, and they are then contacted directly by agents if they have a matching property.

Agents are therefore sent qualified tenants leads with rich data on their circumstances and requirements which are then matched to properties as they are instructed, removing the need to upload them to portals in the first place.

“My research while I’ve been preparing to launch this business revealed that 80% of tenants don’t like the time-consuming, competitive, property listings-led portal approach that dominates the industry at the moment,” says Savva.

75% of agents unhappy

“Also, 75% of agents are unhappy with the portals and the fundamental way they gain their lead enquiries.”

Savva says he felt he could bring change into the industry but that only recently has technology moved on enough to enable tenants and estate agents to communicate with each other on his platform without breaking privacy and GDPR rules in an automated way.

“A lot of tenant told us they loved the idea of Findingaplace but that they were worried about giving their phone numbers away without privacy guarantees, and we can now do that” he says.

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