Propertymark backs PM’s contentious ‘hands-off’ approach to Net Zero

Head of Policy and Campaigns says relaxed target on gas boilers and scrapped EPC ratings deadlines, will help landlords and homeowners.

The Prime Minister’s decision to scrap existing Net Zero targets on gas boilers and EPC ratings for landlords, has been met with a cautious welcome from trade body Propertymark.

Rishi Sunak watered down the requirement on gas boilers so that households will only have to make the switch when they’re changing their boiler anyway, and not until 2035.

The target had been for no gas boilers to be installed in new homes by 2025, and for the phasing out of boilers altogether to begin in 2033.

Highly controversial

Also, on the highly controversial issue of EPC ratings for rental properties, Sunak scrapped proposed deadlines for a minimum C rating for new tenancies by 2025 and all rentals by 2028.

Many landlords and letting agents will be relieved that landlords are no longer faced with bills for thousands to upgrade older properties.

Sunak also increased grants to help homeowners switching from boilers to heat pumps from £5,000 to £7,500.


Timothy Douglas, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Propertymark (main picture), says: “Property agents have been desperate for clarity from the UK Government on new plans for energy efficiency targets, and now we know that the planned changes will be scrapped with no new targets for homeowners and landlords.

We have long said the rules and requirements must be realistic and achievable.”

“Propertymark continues to want to see more energy efficient homes, but as we have long said the rules and requirements must be realistic and achievable for the sector,” he says.

The increased boiler grants will support more landlords and homeowners, Douglas says, but awareness of the scheme remains low.

“Despite the cooling of approach from the Prime Minister we hope that this hands-off way of doing things allows homeowners and landlords to improve properties at a more flexible and affordable timetable which they can more easily manage.”

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