Proptech duo launch innovative video messaging service for estate agents

Simon Jens and Anna Tonkin say agents who use their Moovie platform to communicate with customers increase response rates by 800%.

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An innovative proptech video messaging platform has launched that enables agents to record personalised videos for clients and prospects.

Called Moovie, the smartphone app enables negotiators to record explanatory videos, messages and more detailed property mini-tours which, its founders Simon Jenns (main pic) and Anna Tonkin claim, can significantly increase engagement and make property transactions easier and quicker.

moovie app videoThese videos encourage buyers or tenants to return phone calls, book viewings and make offers, increasing response rates by 800%, and can be used to win instructions.

Examples include responding to enquiries, viewings follow-ups, viewing or open house invites, introductions to the team, area guides, updates on sales progress, contract summaries, property walk throughs, how to explanations and offer/exchange/completion congratulations.

Jenns says mini videos are better than emails and text messages because the customer feels their wants and needs are being personally addressed, while building trust.

Moovie is available to UK estate agents and developers with monthly subscriptions starting from £60 per user per month.

Car purchase

“I bought a car from a company that used personalised video technology so well that I realised this would be a fantastic idea for making property personal too,” says Jenns.

“Video technology has been hugely successful in grabbing the attention of buyers with its creative content, especially during the pandemic, so I thought let’s take it to the next level and get the responses that property businesses really need.

“The feedback we have had so far has been hugely positive and we look forward to working with new clients over the following weeks.”

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