More millions! Proptechs to ask for cash in ‘Dragon’s Den’ pitch

Propertymark has again backed the US-inspired REACH initiative and comes as its boss promises proptech will transform property market by 2034.

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REACH UK, the global technology scale-up programme operated by US-based Second Century Ventures (SCV), has partnered with Propertymark and TDS Group to help technology start-ups get a foothold in the property market.

The REACH programme was launched in 2020 and has already assisted 25 proptech start-ups with the help of Propertymark. It is part of a global effort by SCV in partnership with Amercian trade organisation the National Association of Realtors including in over 80 other countries.


Now with three UK rounds under its belt the 2024 offering has been strengthened by a new co-investment partnership with the agent trade body and the TDS Group.

Handpicked start-ups will have an opportunity to participate in a Dragons’ Den style pitch competition presenting their innovations to a panel of senior industry leaders serving as ‘dragons’.

The process provides investment opportunities, support and mentorship for start-ups. It also promotes the take-up of technology solutions in the property sector to deliver more efficient, transparent and sustainable property practices through technology-driven solutions.


Natasha Terinova and Paolo Rigutto, Co-Partners at REACH UK, say: “This collaboration, built on our relationship with Propertymark, propels innovation and growth for tech companies. The 2024 cohort, now open for applications, will benefit from increased investment and the chance to make substantial impacts supported by the industry.”

Nathan Emerson, Propertymark

Nathan Emerson, Chief Executive of Propertymark, adds: “We strongly believe in creating powerful relationships with organisations such as REACH UK and TDS Group to help lead industry evolution.

“The property sector will see vast transformation across the next decade and our members constantly embrace new ideas and technology to enhance customer journeys. So, it’s hugely exciting to further build collaborations that are focused, creative, forward thinking and that bring robust real-world solutions to life.”


And Steve Harriott, Chief Executive of TDS Group, says: “Partnering with Second Century Ventures and REACH UK opens up a world of opportunities for the property technology sector and the broader industry.

“Raising standards within the sector is paramount and this partnership is about more than just innovation; it’s about bringing technology solutions to all stakeholders including tenants, landlords, agents and homeowners.”

Applications for REACH UK will be accepted until April 30 2024.

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  1. So our fees that we have to pay to belong to Propertymark and TDS are being used to invest in companies that have no guarantee of success and no explanation as to what happens if they fail or who profits from a success. last time i looked our TDS fees were going up to cover the cost of increase in deposit adjudication, now they have the cash to splash out on proptech startups.

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