London lettings agency tries to dodge £25,000 fine ‘by going bust’

Haringey Council worked with Companies House to prevent a letting firms declaring insolvency to avoid an HMO-related penalty.

haringey letting agency fine

A north London lettings agency tried to go bust to avoid paying a fine for letting a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) without the proper paperwork but was caught by the Council enforcement officer before it could declare insolvency.

Now three directors from two unnamed Haringey letting agents and a landlord have been fined £27,500 after failing to secure the appropriate license for a property in Tottenham.


Haringey Council revealed its enforcement officer worked with Companies House to prevent one of the letting firms from declaring insolvency and the subsequent avoidance of paying the financial penalty.

The North London property was being let to eight different tenants from different households and didn’t have the required House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) license.

The Council said both agents and landlord had neglected their legal obligations, compromising the well-being of the tenants.

It was important, it added, to ensure letting agents and landlords meet the necessary safety and management standards of their properties.

Despite one of the firms trying to dodge the fine for breaching licensing regulations it has been agreed the fine will be paid in instalments.

Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director for Stronger and Safer Communities, at Haringey Council
Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director, Haringey Council

Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director for Stronger and Safer Communities at Haringey Council, says: “As shown with this case, we are committed to ensuring homes in Haringey are safe and regulated for our residents.

“It is imperative that landlords and letting agents adhere to the legal requirements to not only avoid prosecution, but also protect and maintain high housing standards in Haringey.

“Our residents have always been at the core of everything we do, and we will continue to go above and beyond for their safety.

This latest fine is among many issued by Haringey Council as it continues to crack down on rogue agents and landlords.

Just last week The Neg revealed the owners of a large HMO in the borough had been fined £13,500 after failing to repair multiple hazards within their property.


  1. Shame Councils all over the place don’t fine THEMSELVES for dozens of (Health & Safety etc) breaches – always bashing private landlords and agents.
    No wonder so many are selling up – and wait until Angela Raynor gets her claws into it all.

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