SHOCK: Most people don’t read tenancy agreements!

We probably all suspected this already, but a new survey by a law firm shows that most people don't read contracts before signing them.

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Maybe we all knew this already, and now it’s been confirmed, most people don’t read their tenancy agreements.

A survey from law firm Weightmans shows that only 24% of tenants actually read the contract before signing it. And internet searches for ‘how to read a contract’ have increased by 23% in the last year.

The survey also revealed that 39% of respondents admit to signing contracts they don’t understand.

Men more guilty

Men are more guilty of not reading agreements with only 20% doing so, compared to nearly 28% of women.

The importance of not rushing this process cannot be overstressed.”

Nicola Gonnella - Weightmans
Nicola Gonnella, Partner, Weightmans

Nicola Gonnella, Partner at Weightmans, says: “The importance of not rushing this process cannot be overstressed.

“Contracts can be notorious for their use of complex legal terminology, which can be a major barrier to understanding.

“Some sections of a contract are particularly crucial and deserve extra attention.”


She says often contracts are subject to negotiation, and it’s important tenants check that the written agreement reflects any agreed changes.

“Signing a document that does not fully capture the agreed-upon terms can lead to disputes and misunderstandings,” she says.

Running a business

Many tenancy agreements don’t allow for running a business from home, and with more people working at home now this can be a problem.

Tenants are advised to check with their landlord if they are comfortable with home working.

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