NEW: Jaw-dropping AI writes property descriptions from images

ModelProp AI announces the integration of Chat-GPT4o into its products, which features a property descriptions writer.

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Just 48 hours after its launch, proptech business, ModelProp AI, has integrated one of the most cutting-edge AI innovators in the world into its products.

Chat-GPT4o – the ‘o’ stands for ‘omni’ – is the latest large language model (LLM) created by OpenAI. Launched earlier this week, its feature include superfast comprehension, detailed image recognition, complex reasoning and emotional responsiveness.

ModelProp AI has integrated this into its generative AI products, including Particulars Writer and AI Local Services Assistant (AILSA).

Unassisted property descriptions

The Particulars Writer used to create property descriptions from an agent’s previous version or bullet point list, in the agent’s tone of voice, in UK English and to a specific word count.

With this upgrade, the feature can do all of this by just looking at a property’s images then add-in any additional details that an agent wants to make sure are included.

There’s no longer the problem of agents staring at a screen wondering where to start, saving an average of up to 15 minutes per property description.

Query response

ModelProp’s unique AILSAs are trained to behave like a super-knowledgeable version of an agent’s best-ever representative. They respond in the agent’s tone of voice and now, with Chat-GPT4o, they can accept photos of maintenance issues from tenants and direct them instantly to the agent’s preferred way of dealing with them.

Mal McCallion, ModelProp AI CEO
Mal McCallion, ModelProp AI CEO

“Artificial intelligence is bringing huge gains to the property industry in terms of increased revenue per transaction, higher market share and lower costs for agents using it,” says Mal McCallion, ModelProp AI CEO and Co-founder.

“The arrival of Chat-GPT4o heralds another leap forward in tech which solves genuine problems for the market; speeding up property descriptions as well as instantly replying to repetitive queries, ones which otherwise can require huge agent resources to deal with.

“ModelProp AI is here to demystify this new technology, increase understanding of these powerful tools and enable agents to deploy profit-lifting products quickly and safely inside their businesses.”

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