Scottish Government’s pro-tenant approach ‘hurting student sector’

Scottish students left to fend for themselves and struggle to find accommodation as landlords quit the sector and big cities face lettings meltdown.


Students hoping to progress their studies in Scotland but unable to find accommodation due to a dearth of suitable landlords are being told by their university or college to consider deferring or even quit their studies altogether.

With student term time now in full swing hundreds returning to cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen have been hit not only with a shortage of suitable homes but also soaring rents.


The University of Glasgow admits there are problems and says it is implementing a number of measures to ease the crisis but angry students have accused the university of imply not caring.

The university has been advising students not to complete registration – or travel to Glasgow – until they have found somewhere to stay.


While the University has increased the number of rooms under management by a quarter it said the number of available private flats in the city had decreased so much that there was still a gap between supply and demand. It is also refusing to guarantee students a place in halls of residence.

The blame for this crisis lies in one place, at the doors of St. Andrew’s House.”

John Blackwood image
John Blackwood, CEO, Scottish Association of Landlords

John Blackwood of the Scottish Association of Landlords, tells The Neg: “This is precisely the kind of crisis we warned about in 2021 and again just a couple of weeks ago when the Scottish Government made yet more decisions that will cause a reduction in the number of homes available for rent in Scotland.

“The blame for this crisis lies in one place, at the doors of St. Andrew’s House. Unless and until the SNP and Green Party Scottish Government encourage investment in all parts of the Scottish housing sector, we will see more and more housing shortages.

“It will increasingly become the norm, not just for students but for individuals and families across the country.”

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  1. When will the SNP and Green politicians learn that there in no magic wand to private landlords. The basis of supply and demand is quite simple even for politicians to learn.

    Too little supply when you have bigger demand for products and services leads to shortages. You cannot build Rome in a day, week, month or years. You need a decent HOUSING strategy that takes out politics and vested interest bodies and DELIVERS housing that is safe and people need and want.

    So SNP and Greens listen to housing experts like John Blackwood who cares deeply for tenants and landlords.

    Stop using housing as a political football and deliver HOMES.

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