Search Acumen reveals ‘Deliveroo’ style app for home moving

Property search provider has signed deal with proptech business adoor that launches app for all parties and advisers including agents.

Property search provider Search Acumen has signed a deal with proptech business adoor to launch of an app for all parties and advisers involved in a property sale including agents.

The app has been engineered to reduce the number of unnecessary enquiries in the transaction process, improving efficiency and saving over seven hours a week for lawyers alone.


Latest data shows 40% of property sales are falling through before completion – a 9% increase over the past three months.

The app is being billed as the ‘Deliveroo’ for homebuying as it links every stage of the moving process.

Andrew Lloyd image
Andrew Lloyd, Search Acumen

Andrew Lloyd, Managing Director at Search Acumen, says: “More sales are falling through than ever before as mortgage offers expire and rates rise.

“Whilst next day conveyancing may be some way off, huge efficiencies are possible today by just applying technology we have available already.”

Michael Wadsworth, founder at adoor, adds: “No one else tracks the entire process from mortgage to moving day.

“The widespread integration with other software and technology layers also makes adoor highly functional for every stakeholder involved. This all works together to help make reduce enquiries for conveyancers and estate agents.

This far more holistic approach can impact the bottom line too.”

“This far more holistic approach can impact the bottom line too.


“For conveyancers, if 15 minutes of repetitive enquiries for each 30 cases were saved per week, 7.5 hours would be saved – and that’s just the minimum.

“We know time is money for estate agents too, losing an average of £4,123 for every property sale that falls through and doesn’t relist. If we can expedite the process and reduce the chance of a transaction collapsing, we are saving lots of people lots of money.”

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