UK estate agents earn £30,569 a year, but it’s still less than an Italian one!

Latest global rankings of property industry pay puts Australian agents at the top, who earn over £55,000 on average.

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UK estate agents are not even close to being the best-paid in the world, Neg readers may be surprised to hear, based on basic salary plus commission.

Research by hybrid agency Nested among 29 housing markets around the world has found that UK agents earn a basic salary of £24,817 plus £5,742 in commission so £30,569 in total, putting them at No.16 position.

Estate agents earning more than the Brits include those in Spain, Italy, Singapore, France, Japan, the UAE, Israel, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the US and – at pole position – their Australian counterparts.

Ozzy agents earn £55,942 a year on average, including £48,670 in basic pay and £7,271 in commission.

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alice bullard estate agents“Despite being home to one of the most robust and world-renowned property markets in the world, the UK is far from a global leader when it comes to estate agent earnings,” says Alice Bullard, Head of Commercial at Nested (pictured).

“The potential is certainly there. In fact, it’s quite telling that the level of additional earnings found in the UK ranks within the top 10 in the world, but the basic salary provided sits far lower in the rankings.

“Hardly surprising then, that more and more agents are making the jump to the self-employed model and the US market is proof of how lucrative the self-employed approach can be as each agent works independently as their own brand.”

The figures are an interesting guide to agent earnings, but don’t mention how different housing market dynamics affect pay – including fee levels, the difference between self-employed and PAYE roles and house prices.


  1. People get paid what they are worth the market dictates salary. That is why Harry Kane gets 250k a week because few can do what he can do.
    Ea used to be a sales job with real sales people. Now it is a low skilled admin job.
    Good luck to anyone who tries to charge 5% on the UK.
    As I am a developer now having left EA no way would I pay that.

  2. Hardly surprising, and very sad. Having worked with agents all over the world I can tell you that British agents have to work incredibly hard for so little.

    However, it’s actually relatively worse still as these are average figures and no doubt include the 70% of US agents who are not full time career agents – those who are probably earn closer to £100,000 and some much more.

    But then too many agents will insist on charging pathetically low fees in this country, because they don’t have the confidence or training to charge what they are worth, as reflected in their derisory pay.

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