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Senior Haart branch manager reveals moment he was told of redundancy as he drove down motorway

Experienced and senior member of staff says he doesn't want sympathy but is keen to highlight how he believes Haart was 'inhumane' when his boss told him about losing his job via 'script'.

Nigel Lewis

A senior member of the Haart sales team has recounted the heart-wrenching story of being told he had lost his job with the company as he drove with his family along a motorway.

Seth Oppong says he is not looking for sympathy but wants to highlight how ‘inhumane a business that calls itself the Spicerhaart family’ has treated him and some of the other 300 or more staff who lost their jobs summarily on Friday evening.

Oppong (left) has been a Senior Branch Manager at Haart in Streatham, South London for the past three years and before that worked for Barnard Marcus as a Residential Sales Manager.

“I was in my car on the motorway with my family heading to Brighton to deliver a package when my phone rang (being in the car my phone is connected to the Bluetooth so loud speaker)…” he says

“It was my boss who simply said ‘Seth this is not a normal call’ and proceeded to read me a script making me aware that my contract of employment had been terminated with immediate effect

“He went on to say he could not answer any questions and that someone would contact me next week but that he had to go, as he had a list of calls he needed to make…then put the phone down.

“He did not ask where I was before he started talking and…I was in the car with my family on a motorway doing 50/60 mph.”

Oppong received a mixed bag of responses to his postings on social media, including colleagues who wished his well in his hunt for a new job, as well as surviving Haart employees who supported the statement release yesterday by its CEO Paul Smith.

Smith said he regretted the redundancies but revealed that his ‘hands were tied’ by the timings and scope of the government’s business rescue package proposals, and the severity of the downturn following the Coronavirus crisis.

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March 24, 2020

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