Allbricks removing barriers to property investing

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As property investors struggle with buy-to-let interest rates and home buyers are priced out, Allbricks is aiming to disrupt the market by unitising investment in UK residential property.

Through its crowdfunding platform, Allbricks enables buyers and investors to co-invest in homes by breaking down the investment into units called ‘bricks’. The buyer purchases as many as they want (with a minimum value of £10,000 or 1% of the property price, whichever is higher) and investors buy the rest, with the cost of the stamp duty split proportionally. The buyer then pays the market rent to the investors based on the number of bricks they each own.

This unique approach offers investors the opportunity for regular rental income and potential capital gains without removing housing stock from circulation for buyers. It reduces some typical management hassles too, as each home gets a Property Manager, buildings insurance, safety checks and an annual repairs budget.

Shahram Shaida - Allbricks - imageAllbricks CEO, Shahram Shaida, commented: “Allbricks is here to offer an alternative, unitising investment in UK residential property and using the fast-growing crowdfunding market to democratise home ownership and property investment for the first time. We enable investors to diversify by investing in multiple properties rather than one buy-to-let. And because each home buyer co-owns the property with the investors, they’re equally invested in keeping it in good shape.”

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