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Riders on the storm

Joanne Christie
Agent weathering the storm image

In this perfect storm of lower transactions and commissions – and a failing online-only model – Joanne Christie says franchising is gaining in popularity.

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Can Coldwell Banker crack the UK?

Nigel Lewis
Coldwell Banker image

The US-based franchise network has its sights on the UK prime property market so should the blue-chips be worried? Coldwell Banker GB’s Director Stuart White talks to Nigel Lewis.

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Life’s a beach

Nigel Lewis
businessman on beach image

Life’s a beach …or it could be, if Belvoir – or any other business-hungry buyer – came knocking on your door. Nigel Lewis speaks to Commercial and Franchise Director Dorian Gonsalves.

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Short cuts to success

Sheila Manchester
Franchising opportunities image

Sheila Manchester explores the opportunities presented by franchises and similar business models.

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