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Annual property price growth set to hit 10%

rising property prices image

With demand from buyers continuing to heavily outweigh the supply of homes coming on to the market, residential property prices in Britain’s 20 biggest cities is expected to be increasing by 10…

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Buzzing builders and buyers

Kate Faulkner, Designs on Property
Builder on new build site image

REPORT HEADLINES Rightmove: “House prices close to all-time high – will ‘granlords’ drive them higher?” Home.co.uk: “Home prices take a spring leap.” NAEA: “A third of all house sales made to first…

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Get on the right track

Andrea Kirkby
house price indices image

There used to be the Halifax house price index and one from Nationwide. That was it. They were definitive; house prices went up or down, and you knew exactly by how much.…

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