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Doing business with investors

Julian O'Dell
Link to The Dilemma

“Investment buyer activity is a little quiet. Many investors are playing a waiting game. I’d like to get my team to create more activity as these sales can be relatively straightforward...”

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Questioning preconceived ideas

The Negotiator
Key concerns for tenants in 2018 report image

PRSim and a member of the LSL Property Services plc (LSL) group of companies has highlighted the need for investors and developers to be more flexible in their approach to tenants and…

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Buy-to-let lenders

Adam Walker

"The world has gone mad, says Adam Walker, as a client (with a £7m portfolio) is asked by his buy-to-let lender how much he spent, each month, having his hair cut... "

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Pension pot property


Revamped pension pot allowances will bring new investors to your door – but, says Jeremy Leaf, do you know what they need to know?

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