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What does the future hold for leasehold properties?

Nigel Read
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Leaseholds have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons with stories of buyers trapped in contracts with escalating costs. Nigel Read, Partner and Joint Head of Residential Property at SAS Daniels’,…

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Lost property

Jeremy Stephen
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Landlords can, in extreme circumstances, forfeit long residential leases, leaving the owner homeless and the landlord with a valuable windfall. Property lawyer, Jeremy Stephen, considers a recent case.

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10-minute refresher: leasehold extensions

Michael Zucker
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Agents selling flats need to understand the complexities of leasehold extensions, says Michael Zucker BA FRICS, Head of the Professional Department at Jeremy Leaf & Co.

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Leasehold ownership

The Negotiator
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Prospective buyers need to understand the implications of buying a leasehold property. Rawdon Crozier, a barrister and Ibraheem Dulmeer a legal adviser, have the answers to some of their questions.

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Love thy neighbour

Andrew Symington
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Falling out with neighbours is a bad idea, says Andrew Symington, so leaseholders need to tread carefully and understand the implications of shared freeholds.

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