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Essentials: the latest social media trends to help your business

2017 was a fantastic year for social media, says Tara Dulake, as the main platforms have upgraded and widened their appeal for estate agents.

Tara Dulake
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Tara Dulake

Here’s a short round-up of my favourites – and how you can start to integrate them into your social media activity in 2018…


1 Facebook adds video capability to cover photos

With a huge rise in video use this last year, it’s no wonder Facebook installed the ability to add a video to the header of a Facebook page. Not only does it now make it look more eye-catching and engaging, but it’s another way to showcase your video content more.

2 Create GIFs within the Facebook App

Facebook updated their app with the ability to record live GIFs using the camera feature. Not only can you create a GIF, but you can also add effects and frames to your content to make it more interesting and fun.

3 The addition of Closed Captions for Facebook Live

To enable video content to all members of the community, Facebook added closed captions to Facebook Live. It means that anyone who have hard of hearing, deaf, or just want to watch a live-stream video without the sound, now have the ability to do so without missing your messaging.


Social media image1 In-App Video Feature allowing more video content

Earlier this year, you were not able to use video on Twitter without uploading your content to another third-party platform. Now you can upload a video, and choose a short snippet of video to share – making your video snappier, and easily shared directly from the Twitter app.

2 Add More Characters to your Tweets

In September 2017, the social media app trialled increasing the Tweet character count from 140 to 280 characters for selected users. Within a month, they decided to roll the feature out and extend it to all users worldwide so that more could be said within a Twitter post. This was one of the most significant changes of the year, and made international headline news.

3 Direct Messages – To accept or not to accept

Twitter also added another safety element to messages received from other users. If a user receives a direct message from a user they do not follow, they have the option to approve or deny the contact request – allowing a user to only interact with those they choose to.

Facebook, Instagram YouTube and Twitter have all launched new tricks.


1 Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories had many updates in 2017, including the addition of customised geotagging, filters, the ability to add old photos to your story, and the addition to tag others within a story, to name a few. This effectively helped users to share their location, what they are doing and who they’re with more effectively.

2 Instagram Multi Post

At the start of 2017, Instagram launched the multi post feature, allowing users to post more than one picture within the same post, creating a slideshow effect. The idea behind this was to avoid users bombarding their followers with post after post, and simply to combine them into one post. The platform now allows for up to 10 pictures to be posted in one go.

3 Monitor Instagram Engagement on Facebook

Facebook and Instagram decided to combine efforts this year and give users the ability to review and engage with comments through Facebook’s desktop version. This means that any notifications regarding any of your Instagram posts can be easily seen and responded to, giving another great way to engage quickly with followers.


1 Turn a Video into a GIF

One of the most common forms of content shared across social media has become a GIF, and in an attempt to get more users watching YouTube video, the platform has made it possible for users to convert their videos to GIFs at the click of a button, if the author of the video has enabled GIF creation. A great feature for any business wanting to create multiple types of content for several platforms.

2 Live stream video

YouTube has finally decided to follow in the footsteps of the other large social media channels and has released a social media update which can now also facilitates live video streaming within its app. All you need to get started is a verified channel and over 25 subscribers, and you can start promoting your event, tour or expertise.

These are just a few examples of the social media updates rolled out this year and with these platforms constantly evolving and updating, it will be interesting to see the platform developments and new feature roll-outs in 2018.

By Tara Dulake, The Oracle Group www.theoraclegroup.co.uk

January 30, 2018

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