Fine & Country marathon effort continues

Fine & Country marathon fundraising image

Emma Preston, friend of The Fine & Country Foundation, with Clint Nykamp from Fine & Country West Midlands, crossed the marathon finish line for the penultimate time, in February.

The pair have travelled the country, trained, stretched, ached and raced for 11 months. In February it was Kidderminster, Worcestershire for the Seven Deadly Sins marathon gala.

With a looping course, a difficult hill and only 14 competitors, Emma and Clint discovered that this race was one of the toughest of the whole challenge. Mentally, Emma struggled and ran much of the race on her own. Clint, who was struck with cramp effecting his race time and his recovery time the following day, said, “With only 14 runners, there wasn’t a gigantic crowd to push you along like we had in Brighton for Race 1 or Richmond for Race 6.”

So far, Emma and Clint have raised over £7,000. They have each chosen one homeless charity to receive £3,000 in The Fine & Country Foundation’s spring grant programme. Their target is to reach £9,000 to provide another homeless charity with funding.

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