Illegal sub-letting at ‘epidemic’ levels claims TV evictions star

Landlord Action's Paul Shamplina claims 'professional' sub-letting scammers are becoming a significant problem particularly in London.

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The TV property evictions show Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords is set to continue next week and will uncover the extraordinary tale of an Instagram star who turned out to be a ‘professional’ rental scam artist.

The programme also highlights how sub-letting scams are becoming a major problem in London, fuelled by a rise in the number of well-informed criminals who play the system for significant financial gain.

Featuring Landlord Action’s Paul Shamplina, the Channel 5 TV show on Monday follows landlord Han Yip as he discovers that his swish West London property has been sub-let illegally by a tenant to three unsuspecting foreign students.

The original tenant turns out to be an Instagram star who flaunts his suspiciously luxury lifestyle despite not having a job, and who brags about a ‘business empire’ on the social media platform. The programme subsequently finds out that the individual involved had done time in a US prison on fraud charges.

Paul Shamplina, Landlord Action, image“Han Yip was very unlucky,” says Shamplina (left). “He had done everything correctly, from using a professional letting agent to carrying out thorough referencing.

“Unfortunately, this particular fraudster had changed the spelling of his name among other tricks to slip through referencing.

“Illegal sub-letting is becoming something of an epidemic in London and more needs to be done to prevent cases like these.”

London is not the only city blighted by sub-letting. As we reported earlier this month, a sub-letting scandal was recently uncovered in Bristol.

Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords is set to air on Monday 17th June at 9pm.


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