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Kevin Hailey, Director of Tavistock agency, Abode, explains how a chance experience with an agent’s touch screen display, led to the development of a community service – and a new revenue stream!

As the number one modern and dynamic agent in Tavistock, we embrace every medium to maximise the marketing opportunities for every property we’re selling.

When I bought Abode in September 2017, I was committed to grow the business with modern technology never before seen in Tavistock. This was at the forefront of my plans.

The seed for this was planted one evening as I was enjoying a stroll around Britain’s ocean city of Plymouth. I came across an InTouch Display screen glowing brightly in a prestigious agency window and I couldn’t resist trying it out. I was most impressed with the quality and functionality.

An invaluable tool

I realised the tool could be so much more than a display for sales and lettings, and potentially invaluable in bringing local businesses together with advertising, publicising community events and so much more. Abode went ahead and ordered the largest available display to show case our Directors new Ideas and how it could be used to benefit the company, community and local businesses.

At Abode, we’re very proud to work in the beautiful ancient Stannary town of Tavistock and what better way to showcase the myriad of independent services on offer than to invite local companies to advertise in a dedicated area of our InTouch Display?

Costs covered – and more!

We devised various options for advertising in our 24-hour display in return for a nominal advertising fee. Quite frankly we were overwhelmed with the response and the number of users has increased month-on-month. The hire cost of the equipment is now amply covered by local advertisers meaning that our eye-catching display even generates us a monthly income!

This sharing of technology has helped us to fund the best possible marketing for our clients – a win-win situation!

With the largest window frontage of any local agent, we’re often approached to advertise local events such as the annual Mary Tavy bonfire evening and Tavistock’s largest annual historical event, the Dickensian evening which draws thousands of visitors from far and wide!

By way of giving back to our community, we are very happy to advertise any local event free of charge in our vibrant and popular display.

Valuation leads generated by our Intouch Display screen
  1. How many leads have we had from it you ask? Since installation just a year ago, we’ve secured 36 valuation leads.
  2. How many have converted to instructions you ask? Well, 24 leads were converted into instructions.

In summary, from installation to maintenance and daily use, our experience of InTouch Display has been 100 per cent positive – both in improving the quality of advertising for our fee-paying clients and in cementing our company’s commitment to community matters.




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