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InTouch offers the personal touch in post-COVID promotion, says Steve Blackaller, Sales Manager at InTouch Display – the industry’s leading premium supplier of touch screen technology.

As we embark on the ‘new normal’, people still appreciate the personal touch. While everything feels more sterile and disconnected, at InTouch Display, we are focused on using our tailored technology solutions to bring back a degree of intimacy to agents’ buyer and seller experiences with fully-rounded indoor and outdoor solutions.

Steve Blackaller
Steve Blackaller, Sales Manager, InTouch Display

Market-leading responsiveness and readability, InTouch supplies the best quality through-glass touch screen technology for estate agents and residential housebuilders. InTouch has become the industry’s ‘go-to’ for premium service, high-quality hardware and 24/7 support.

Its through-glass touch screen is renowned for the benefits it brings to the agent’s window – displaying the entire portfolio, communicating specific USPs and most importantly in recent times, engaging with the local community.

InTouch works in partnership with its customers to provide ongoing content design support for its screens. Its in-house design team regularly creates engaging new content, giving agents the ability to deliver personalised messages to specifically target the local audience. It offers the agent complete control over the information appearing on screen and the flexibility to adjust their service message to meet the changing needs of the market.

InTouch leveraged its tailored messaging support during the pandemic to help customers capture and adapt to the changing sentiment of the market. Full-screen advertising with community-focused messages allowed proactive estate agents to entrench themselves further with their local audience.

Reinforcing local support with words of encouragement, vital community messaging and reassuring social distancing guidelines. The screens continue to provide a valuable community tool during a time that has seen communities unite in an unprecedented way, allowing agents to cement their position.

There was much trepidation at the start of the pandemic. Logic dictates that touch screen interactions should plunge during lockdown however, InTouch’s unique 24/7 screen monitoring service and full backend statistics allowed the company to quickly establish that a different story was emerging.

These figures are steadily increasing as the public emerges, showing continued confidence in touch screen technology.”

The company has been buoyed by steady engagement with the screens and sustained level of interaction. Encouragingly, many agents were seeing interactions at about 50% on previous, despite the country being in lockdown. These figures are steadily increasing as the public emerges, showing continued confidence in touch screen technology.

The screens offer an excellent medium to fully explore an agent’s entire portfolio in an outdoor environment that feels comfortable for the user. 24/7 screen monitoring and support also allows InTouch to provide a vital back-up to customers who are not on site or working from home. This valuable marketing tool is always operational, day and night, offers essential, continuous visibility in the local market. Bringing homes to life virtually, when the agent is not available.

With estate agents closed during lockdown and buyers more fearful of entering premises now restrictions have eased, through-glass touch screens allow a level of interaction with the public that feels reassuring.

These outdoor touch screens are fully operational through latex or leather gloves and also reassuringly remind users to adhere safe hand-washing and sanitation practices before and after use.

In-office presentation screen

Understanding the need to remain agile during this period of change and entering the “new norm”, InTouch has also introduced a new internal client presentation screen solution to help agents cope with social distancing inside the office and still maintain a degree of intimacy in their interactions with buyers and sellers. The new package offers a 24/7 commercial grade screen and hardware which the agents can use to bring prospective customers right into the heart of their business at a safe distance.

On this premium solution, presentations come to life on a large screen while the agent intuitively interacts from the safety of their desk, keeping the natural flow of the pitch. The premium hardware enables you to cast and host virtual or video tours with ease. Customers can sit comfortably, socially distanced, while the technology lets you demonstrate greater engagement with a property, despite the restrictions in place and make properties seem even more tangible when viewings are limited or restricted.

Growing popularity – nationally

The last month has seen an influx of new orders for InTouch for both the traditional through-glass touch screens and the new indoor solutions from estate agents in Wales through to London. In addition to a substantial order from a nationally recognised house builder that has seen the screens rolled out across 24 new home sites across the UK. A clear indication of the confidence in the market of through-glass touch screen solutions for navigating the post-Covid world.

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