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Eyes on Dubai

Chris Dietz
Dubai night image

“The UAE represents the future of real estate”, says Chris Dietz, who reviews the growth of the property market in Dubai to show how UK agents can evolve and thrive.

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What’s gone wrong?

Frank Webster
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Our industry, says Frank Webster, has lost its sense of purpose, but as more regulation sweeps in, there is a chance to rediscover its purpose and create a respected profession.

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Damage limitation

Katrine Sporle
Water leak image

While water from a leak flowed, driving the leaseholder potty, communication with the managing agent barely trickled,” says Katrine Sporle, The Property Ombudsman.

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Landlord exodus

Nick Mann
Signboards image

380,000 landlords plan to reduce their portfolios, says the NLA. Nick Mann, Associate at Seddons, reviews the potential impact.

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Containing the housing crisis

Jonathan Bulmer
Shipping container homes image

33 per cent of millennials will never be able to afford to own their home, so, says Jonathan Bulmer, MD, Cleveland Containers, let’s do something about it.

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Building business

The Negotiator
Franchise image

As the residential property management sector continues to boom, it is clear that many more firms are now realising the value of franchising...

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Caveat Emptor

Sarah McGregor
Buyer Beware survey image

Anyone buying a home is told of the importance of having a detailed survey – but a question that I’m often asked is, says solicitor Sarah McGregor, “Is a survey really necessary?”

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Buy Land…

Alex Harrington-Griffin
Land For Sale / Sold image

At a meeting this morning to discuss the topic for our next dinner event, we decided that the most interesting talks we’ve attended are where speakers have embedded this within their talk...

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Support charity – it’s good business!

Helen Ellis and Jenny Turner
SDL supporting 'Tower to Tower' charity image

In any fast-paced industry, there is always time to give back to the local community, says Helen Ellis and Jenny Turner, Co-Directors of People and Culture at SDL Group.

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