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New ‘pro agent’ platform will help agents and developers take back control of their data

Twindig founder Anthony Codling says his new venture will democratise estate agents' property listings and give consumers new home buying and selling tools.

Sheila Manchester

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Former City housing market analyst Anthony Codling has officially launched a new business designed to help estate agents and developers take back control of their data and lessen the power of the property portals.

Called Twindig, the online service will also offer home buyers and sellers a range of digital tools to help them manage the process of buying and selling a property.

“Whilst portals play a vital role in the property market, they cannot pick up on the social cues that an estate agent or a housebuilder can,” says Codling.

“They cannot expertly match the buyer and the seller like an estate agent can, they have never bought houses, sold houses, or ever helped someone buy or sell a house.”

The ‘pro-estate agent’ platform, which has been in start-up mode since January, is Codling’s first project since parting company with Robert May and his property listing platform Rummage4 in November last year.

Market analyst

Codling was the best-known market analyst for many years in the City specialising in housing working initially for a sting of high-profile firms including latterly, Jefferies.

His new venture is no doubt a product of his years spent running a sceptical financial eye over companies such as Countrywide, Purplebricks and Rightmove.

“Portals do not sell property, people sell property,” he says. “Estate agents and housebuilders have done, are doing and will continue to play the most important role in the cycle of renting, buying and selling homes.

“Twindig is here to support the industry rather than cream excess profits from it. Twindig levels the playing field by democratising data and putting it securely back into the hands of those who need it the most rather than those who profit from it the most.”

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March 26, 2020

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