35% of staff now want to work from home up to three days a week, survey reveals

Lockdown has changed many employees attitudes to working from 'the office' as they warm to Zoom meetings and home working.

Research has revealed that 35% of employees in the UK would now prefer to work home two to three days a week, it has been revealed.

Also, the report suggests a sea change in attitude among some people to work with 60% of the 1,000 people canvassed saying they prefer virtual meetings on platforms such as Zoom and Teams than at the office.

This, they say, is because they find virtual meetings less stressful and, until the Coronavirus dies away, less risky.

Also, one in three felt less stressed while remote working; almost half of respondents believe their homes are a more relaxing work environment; and a further 36% consider themselves to be more productive.

The survey, by tech PR firm Eskenzi, follows a recent research by a leading industry body that until the Coronavirus is over many companies are considering operating A and B teams, each working three-day weeks, in order to keep branches compliant with Covid-19 government guidelines on social distancing.

“This study has shown that remote working ‘works’ and, more importantly, it can have a positive impact on people’s well-being, the community as a whole as well as the environment,” says Yvonne Eskenzi, CEO of Eskenzi PR.

Sami Mubarak, founder of Birmingham firm MECS Sales & Lettings, says the lockdown has made him change his mind on remote working and that he’s now ‘completely relaxed’ about most of his staff working from home.

“It’s been the best experience running the business remotely – even though we had no choice but to run it that way – and I’ve now bought all the staff their own laptops so they can work from home, which was a major investment,” he says.

“During the first week after lockdown when, apart from the negotiators we were all working remotely MECS listed four properties and they’re all now under offer.

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