Hamptons senior quits after 18 years to join hybrid estate agency

Surrey senior and long-time Hamptons mover and shaker Philip Knight has joined the self-employed broker business, Moveli.

Philip Knight, Moveli

Former Hamptons Director, Philip Knight, who worked with the agency for over eighteen years covering Caterham and the surrounding area, has joined Moveli.

Moveli is a fast growing estate agency brokerage model that operates in high value areas, mainly in London, the South East and South West. The company has been running over six years and prides itself on it’s brand and network where, according to their website, the average experience of their agents is over 16 years.

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Ben Littlewood, Moveli

Co-founder, Ben Littlewood said: “We are building a sort of Savills/Knight Frank/Hamptons 2.0 in the self-employed broker space.

“With all the advantages that brings to both the client and the agent. Our growth is in experienced agents, operating in higher value areas that reinforces our brand as the upper-market brokerage.”

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