High profile agent’s TV show panned as ‘most hateable ever’

In the new Netflix show, property mogul Daniel Daggers and his team of agents at DDRE Global set out to conquer the London super prime real estate sector.

Buying London

Reality estate agent series Buying London, Netflix’s love to hate UK version of Selling Sunset, launched this week and was immediately met with mixed reviews.

In the TV show property mogul Daniel Daggers and his team of agents at DDRE Global take on and challenge London’s luxury property market and set out to conquer the super prime high-end real estate sector.


Daggers, who set up his firm DDRE Global in 2020 after resigning from Knight Frank following complaints that an Instagram post had compromised a client’s privacy, has gone on to become a significant player in the Capital’s prime property market. He has over 65,000 followers on the social media platform and refers to himself as ‘Mr Super Prime’.

But in a scathing review in the Guardian columnist Rebecca Nicholson didn’t hold back branding it ‘probably the most hateable TV show ever made’.

I hate almost everything about Buying London.”

“I hate almost everything about Buying London, the British version of Netflix’s highly successful Selling Sunset,” she wrote. “I hate that it bases all of its dramatic tension on pitting women against each other.

“I hate that it makes Richard Curtis’s film Notting Hill look like a gritty documentary about the mean streets of London. I hate its England-for-dummies shtick that is clearly pitched at an international market.

“I hate its reverence for billionaires and bad taste, its celebrity name-dropping without actual celebrities, even the lurching drone footage that seems to have been shot by the Red Arrows.”


Other critics haven’t been as harsh, with the Evening Standard’s India Block giving the show four stars, pointing out: “The UK property industry still has a whopping gender pay gap and men occupy the majority of top jobs, so without getting too hashtag girl boss about it all, it’s good to see women in property getting the most screen time.”

Netflix, however, have taken the zero star review to heart and are now using it to ramp up marketing for the show by quoting it and showing the empty outlines of five stars to promote the show in X (main picture and below).

Daniel Daggers has been approached for comment.

Take a look at DDRE’s current listings on Zoopla and watch the show HERE.

Netflix Buying London ad.
Buying London: Netflix have embraced reaction to the show.

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