Nearly half of agents say evening viewings are growing in popularity

Longer summer hours mean buyers are keener to attend viewings during the evening allowing them to house hunt more conveniently.

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UK’s agents are making the most of the longer summer days to cram in more viewings on homes they have listed for sale with nearly half (44%) saying they are using the extra time to get more deals over the line, latest data from reveals.

Of those that are, 71% said that buyers are more receptive to attending viewings during the evening, allowing them to house hunt whilst also balancing their day-to-day work and private lives. And six out of 10 (59%) found sellers more receptive to hosting evening viewings.


But while agents may be working longer into the evening, that doesn’t mean they’re taking their foot off the gas during regular working hours.

Just a fifth (21%) of the agents surveyed said that they were conducting fewer viewings during regular working hours to compensate for out of hours evening viewings.

However, the majority (79%) are continuing to put in their regular nine to five shift before going above and beyond to host evening viewings for their clients.

Colby Short, GetAgent
Colby Short, Chief Executive, GetAgent

Colby Short, Co-founder and Chief Executive of, says: “The very best agents realise that selling homes isn’t a nine to five endeavour, especially when it comes to juggling the availability of both buyers and sellers during the all-important viewings stage.

“A large proportion of agents are going above and beyond to utilise the longer daylight hours to maximise their chances of securing a deal having already put in a full working day.”

But he adds: “Just last week we highlighted the importance of personal care when it comes to avoiding professional burnout.

“With many agents choosing to work longer hours, whilst also forsaking their summer holiday, it’s imperative they take some time to recharge as such a tenacious approach to their work simply isn’t sustainable in the long run.”

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