Auto-generated descriptions save agents 10 mins per property – claim

Reapit says the evolution and implementation of artificial intelligence in estate agency technology will only grow in the years ahead.

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Reapit’s property descriptions tool is saving agents 10 minutes per property – the equivalent of 450 hours per month – by automatically generating copy with customisable attributes and adjectives that can be edited and added to property records.

And now users can also interact with Reapit’s support chatbot Fi at any time of the day or night.


Fi lives on Reapit’s customer service portal and will eventually be trained on thousands of knowledge base articles to instantly reply to Reapit customers’ questions.

mark armstrong reapit
Mark Armstrong, Reapit

Many of Reapit’s products already incorporate various artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the company reckons the evolution and implementation of AI in estate agency technology will only grow in the years ahead.

Mark Armstrong, Reapit Chief Executive, says: “The future of technology is going to be heavily guided by advancements in artificial intelligence and AI presents a substantial opportunity for us to improve our operations and deliver greater value to our customers.”

Matt McGown, Reapit Chief Product Officer, adds: “Reapit’s AI product strategy has been developed to serve our customers with solutions that deliver genuine value without overhyping what we can offer.”


And he says: “We will continue to explore innovative ways to incorporate AI into our platform and we have some exciting developments on the way.”

Stuart Morris, Reapit
Stuart Morris, Reapit

Stuart Morris, Regional Vice President, Customer Operations, Reapit, adds: “I’m very proud to introduce our chatbot Fi alongside the launch of Reapit’s new customer service portal.

“Our support staff have a wealth of knowledge in their heads but they’re not available at every hour of the day and Fi will be there to give them a hand supporting our customers with their queries.

“If there’s a question Fi can’t answer, it will be referred immediately to the team.”

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