Ban on gas boilers ‘to be delayed’ say Government insiders

The Government will put back a move to outlaw gas boilers in favour of heat pumps, according to a No 10 source.

boiler boilers ban

A delay to the ban on gas boilers is being considered by the Government, according to reports.

A Downing Street source told The Times there was an “evolving conversation” on different net zero policies, including the gas boiler ban.

The current target is for no gas boilers to be installed in new homes by 2025, and for the phasing out of boilers altogether to begin in 2033.

Michael Gove MP

Housing secretary Michael Gove previously said homeowners and landlords must be given more time to get rid of gas boilers.

He warned against “creating a backlash” by pushing too hard towards a roll out of alternative heating systems, such as heat pumps.

It is certainly the case that phasing out gas boilers … does impose costs.”

Gove said the Government should “ease off”, and give property owners longer to switch away from gas heating.

“It is certainly the case that phasing out gas boilers and at the moment moving towards heat pumps does impose costs,” Gove said, and that he was “looking at how we can mitigate the impact on individuals”.


Propertymark has urged ministers to provide funding to help owners install new systems.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ordered an audit of the Government’s net zero policies before the expected general election next year.

Ministers are also said to be thinking about a delay on the proposed 2026 ban of oil-fired boilers after protests from Conservative MPs.

Heat pumps are too expensive for many households to afford, the MPs say.

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  1. Get real this isn’t going away. Google Agenda 21 and you will see that the United Nations have decided that by the 21st century the world will be sustainable and every citizen equal, poverty will be extinguished. How will it work? How will we get there? by making us poorer, compliant and fearful. Getting rid of gas boilers is the UK’s commitment to Net Zero which is an Agenda 21 policy. ULEZ another faction of the Agenda overseen by the COP 40 – a poodle for Agenda 21 and chaired by Sadik Khan as one of the 40 world mayors who make up COP 40.

    None of this we have voted for none of us will get a say on it.

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