High-profile hybrid estate agent steps down from full-time property sales

Former Purplebricks agent Ben Moore says he wants to extend his existing work as an industry consultant after ten years selling homes.

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A heavily bearded estate agent who has become an online celebrity well-known for his honest YouTube videos about working in the industry has decided to largely retire from day-to-day agency to become an industry consultant.

Ben Moore, who for the past 18 months has been running his Blackpool/Fylde based estate agency via the eXp UK platform, says he and his family now want to move to more rural environs.

Moore has been an estate agent for over ten years including stints at the Express Estate Agency and Purplebricks before setting up his own firm, the Smart Move Property Group.

But the 32 year old agent has announced that he is to ‘retire’ from selling houses which he says is “crazy and probably won’t make much sense to a lot of people who have seen how hard I’ve worked in recent months to build my business.

“My agency has got to a point where it’s successful and our sales fees are pretty solid, and I’ll still list and sell a few homes every month.”

Family promise

But Moore says he promised his wife that they would move to the Lake District at some point in their lives and that the ‘time had come to execute this plan’.

He has therefore decided to set up a business called Moore’s Code that helps other estate agents, and not be tied down geographically.

“I’ve really developed a taste for business improvisation and consulting with agents and helping them grow their business and brands and I get a real kick out of it.

“It’s all about improving standards in the sector from this point forward.”

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