Conveyancers more stressed than ever as caseloads pile up

Higher work volumes as well as poor fees, coupled with increasing regulatory burdens are thought to be mitigating factors keeping stress levels high.

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Conveyancers are feeling the heat with nearly seven out of 10 (68%) reporting workplace stress and seven in 50 (14%) experiencing constant stress, the Conveyancing Foundation’s Wellbeing at Work Survey 2024 reveals.

A high volume of caseloads as well as poor fees coupled with increasing regulatory burden as well as administrative challenges are thought to be mitigating factors keeping stress levels high.


Meanwhile stress levels among support and administrative staff have risen sharply from nearly a third (28%) to just under half (46%).

Lloyd Davies, Chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation
Lloyd Davies, Chairman, Conveyancing Foundation

Lloyd Davies, Chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, says: “Conveyancers – and especially their staff – are struggling with their caseloads and their volume of work.

“Conveyancing is by its very nature fast paced, requires a fantastic amount of coordination from the legal professionals involved and moving house is an emotional and sometimes fraught experience for clients, which makes the job challenging at the best of times.”

The Survey asked 650 respondents for suggestions to alleviate stress-related issues, and the overwhelming responses were to recruit more staff and reduce caseloads.

While there has been a slight improvement from the 2023 survey which recorded a 72% overall stress rating little has changed over the last 18 months to ease pressure on conveyancers.


Davies adds: “With Conveyancers and their staff tasked with increasing responsibilities, along with additional regulatory, financial, and administrative challenges throughout the conveyancing process, we need to look at what improvements can be made to create a better balance for all concerned.

“Caseloads are too high, perhaps as a result of poor fees per case requiring heavy caseloads, and perhaps business leaders need to examine how they can increase their fees and lower caseloads in order to reduce pressure and stress.”

The results and findings of the Conveyancing Foundation Wellbeing at Work results will be discussed at the upcoming Bold Group Conference in Regents Park London on the June 19, 2024 (main picture).

An expert panel will be hosted by Lloyd Davies and will feature Elizabeth Rimmer from Law Care, Sue Bence from Simply Conveyancing and Maria Lati from Grant Saw Solicitors LLP.

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