Guest blog: Should estate agencies and their branches stay open for business?

Leading industry figure and Viewber founder Ed Mead tackles the hot issue of the day following Boris Johnson's lockdown announcement.

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Boris has painted himself into a corner. His Chancellor’s refusal to extend the Stamp Duty holiday means he could hardly close down the market for at least half the remaining period prior to the 31st March cut-off date.

Keeping the market open, despite feeling uncomfortable, was his only course of action.

Many have been running polls about whether offices should be open. Should is a big word – we’re all responsible adults and worried about Covid – but we also have a need to run with the ball here.

My business these days is viewings and we’ve done around 100,000 since March last year with, as far as I’m aware, not a single accusation of having caused an infection.


My instinct is that most are now much more adherent to the rules with hands, face and social distancing the norm.

They’ve little time for those openly flouting the law and are getting less British about intervening. This means they can look for a home whilst following the rules.

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To use a rugby analogy, if we see a gap let’s go for it, head down and with determination. Let’s show the rest of the country we can help them move safely and if you have concerns about bringing the virus into your office or isolating staff – there are solutions.

Ed Mead is the co-founder of outsourced viewings platform Viewber.



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  1. I am 90% sure dishy Rishi will extend or phase the stamp duty holiday or preferably reduce it permanently to a sensible level after the madness of George Osbournes increases. Now we are out of the EU, Britain’s taxes do not have to match those of the rest of Europe. We have seen what low taxes have done to the housing market, it stimulates action and growth. More people able to move home is a good thing and comes with huge benefits for all including increases in revenue for the Gov’t.

    I am glad this Gov’t is recognising now the importance of our industry to the country. Estate Agents staying open means a large part of the economy can keep turning over.

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