Fake Zoopla invoice payment phishing email circulating, agents are warned

Credible-looking emails asking agents to pay outstanding invoices to an HSBC account are designed to also dupe agents into revealing their Zoopla Pro account logins.

zoopla scam

Estate agents who list their properties with Zoopla are being warned to stay vigilant after a phishing email began circulating yesterday sent by criminals hoping to dupe companies into parting with their cash.

The email, which is similar to those some agents have received in the past, look credible at first glance and are branded twice with the Zoopla logo. They also feature the portal’s real customer support number and email address.

But the text urges agents to pay three outstanding invoices for services supplied by Zoopla and click links to documents hosted on a dubious-looking website for Antarctic exploration enthusiasts, www.waponline.it.

Agents are asked to pay their outstanding invoices to ‘ZPG Ltd’ via a European HSBC bank account, funds which they are clearly unlikely to ever see again.

But although the links within the email go to what appears to be the Zoopla Pro login page, in reality it’s a cloned version designed to trick agents into revealing their login details.

The scammers will then login into an agency’s Pro account and harvest sensitive data.

Agents should watch out for emails with the subject line ‘Zoopla Invoices from Zoopla Property Group’ flagged up as urgent within their inboxes.

The agents who sent us the email, who doesn’t wish to identified, says they believe the scammers are targeting agents via their social media profiles.

“We’re aware that online fraudsters are targeting portal users with phishing emails in an effort to get them to share login details. The security of our agent partners is a key priority for us and regularly share with them advice on how to keep their businesses secure. If any agent does have concerns they can contact their Account Manager who will be happy to help them,” says a Zoopla spokesperson.

The fake email

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