Guild regional manager reveals his self-built prospecting platform

Dan Pepperell has spent the past two years building and testing Fee Street with the backing of his employer, which is now offering its members the service for free.

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An estate agent who temporarily quit his day job to develop a proptech platform that helps win instructions by identifying the households most likely to move soon has launched his business after more than two years in development.

Fee Street is the brainchild of Guild of Property Professionals regional manager Daniel Pepperell (main pic), who has developed the digital service with financial backing from his employer.

In return he is now offering the service for free to its 800 member agents across the UK on an exclusive basis, with Fine & Country agents to be included at a later date.

And Pepperell says Fee Street will eventually be rolled as a paid-for service to the wider industry.

“I was going to leave my job but when I went to Iain McKenzie and told him what I wanted to do, he and Jon Cooke instead offered to help,” he says.

Fee Street refers to the platform’s ability to nail down the fee value each year of every street or locality by processing industry ‘big data’, and then automate sending out marketing/prospecting communications both online and via Royal Mail.

It can also be used to market off-market properties, he says.

35 agents

The platform has already been trialled with some 35 agents across the UK from one-branch to 14-branch businesses.

“For example we can send out a flyer to one street that will talk about house prices for those properties and how much they have gone up by, the average sold price and how much more each individual address is probably worth,” says Pepperell.

“This then gives you a reason to contact them say four times a year with the same message but different data, along with a call to action.”

Pepperell says his service is a ‘one click’ and simple system, unlike other big property data platforms, and that’s able to target the households that have the great propensity to move home soon.

The launch is part of a wider Guild push into proptech including, recently, its iBuyer platform.

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