Foxtons finds the cash to go electric on the road

London estate agency says it wants to play a significant role in reducing emissions within the capital and will change over its 850-strong fleet before 2030.


London estate agency giant Foxtons has announced it is to spend significant sums making its fleet of 850 minis electric just weeks after announcing it is closing half a dozen branches in order to cut costs.

Foxtons says the project will take ten years to complete and has claimed that there still aren’t enough electric vehicle charging points in the capital.

“Without increased charging points, greater access to ultra-fast charging and more off-road parking, businesses like ours, which often require frequent and rapid vehicle charging, will find the transition extremely challenging,” says CEO Nic Budden.

“We support the Mayor of London’s vision for an expansion of London’s EV-charging network but ask that this roll-out is accelerated so more businesses can make the switch sooner.”

Budden also revealed that the company is to become a member of EV100, a not-for-profit green campaigning group dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles

Upfront costs

Foxtons is also calling for greater transparency around future EV costs, including company car tax rates and expiry dates of existing grants, and for more support with the upfront costs incurred while upgrading an entire fleet to electric.

“This is a great example of how companies can accelerate the shift to cleaner transport – reducing emissions and making our cities more liveable with healthier air,” says Sandra Roling, head of EV100:

“We are sure Foxtons’ leadership will inspire many other well-known high street brands to follow suit.”

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