Gove gathers industry leaders to prepare way for renting reforms

Housing secretary has invited ten representatives from property sector including letting agencies, landlords and property managers for an audience.

property industry gathering dluhc

Michael Gove has held a meeting with key representatives of the private rental sector (PRS) to hear their concerns about the Government’s proposed reforms of the sector.

This included Ben Beadle (NRLA) representing landlords, Theresa Wallace (TLIC) speaking for letting agents as well as property lawyer David Smith from JMW and commercial property sector spokesperson Ian Fletcher from the BPF all pictured above.

A further six organisations also attended excluding Propertymark, it is understood. The other attendees were representatives from Generation Rent, Shelter, Citizens Advice, the Renters Reform Coalition the LGA and the National Housing Federation.

The gathering was billed as a chance for the group to hear Gove’s vision for the PRS and his views on rental reform.

Alongside a picture of them waiting to meet Gove in the foyer of the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) HQ in London, Ben Beadle said on social media that: “I can assure you that as the only landlord and letting agent representatives, between us four we conveyed the concerns of the sector and those concerns where certainly heard.

It was a fruitful discussion – let’s see what happens next!”.

Michael Gove
Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up

It is clear that DLUHC and Mr Gove are preparing the industry for the bombshell that is the Renters’ Reform Act.

This will entail huge changes for both landlords and their letting agents including abolishing Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, a Decent Homes Standard, creating a national online database of rented properties in England and requiring all landlords to join a redress scheme.

The legislation, which is due to be introduced into parliament after the King’s coronation next month, is rumoured to be changing name and be launched without ‘reform’ in its title.

Pic credit: Ben Beadle.


  1. I can only echo the comments below, particularly those of John Wathen – The Government have this obsession to vilify landlords and letting agents, whereas in actual fact, the majority are decent people. At the end of the day, The Government have to realise that these so called ‘monsters’ are doing them a favour, by helping out the housing crisis. With the looming changes in EPC ratings and the renters reform, I can see hundreds, if not thousands of landlords, running for the hills and selling up. Did The Government not learn their lesson with The Tenant Fee Ban in 2019?………..we all know that ultimately it was the tenants who paid the price of less available stock and exceptionally higher rents. But with such a high turnover of Housing Ministers since 2010, is it any wonder that this country, particularly this industry, is in such a mess?!

  2. How about more protection for good Landlords & automatic fast evictions for tenants who don’t/won’t pay their rent or vandalise their landlord’s property? Current proposals are all one way & assume every Landlord is an evil heartless being when the truth is that the vast majority are the exact opposite! Most of the worst high profile negative scenarios concern Housing Associations run by administrators not owners as in the PRS. If the government take too much notice of the radical angry mob they’re in serious danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  3. The real question is will he bother to listen as he appears to have had his mind made up for years that landlords need kicking at regular intervals ie every time Shelter and Generation Rent meet him for coffee. It is beyond belief the mess that Government and Shelter et al have created within the PRS they actually need this housing sector to be a success that is what will provide homes and keep rents in check and yet everything they do works against this and causes major problems for tenants.

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