Hunters launches ‘third way’ hybrid estate agency model

Company has signed up first estate agent under the new scheme, which does not require agents to be attached to a hub or local branch.

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Estate agency Hunters has launched a fully-fledged hybrid offering and signed up its first franchise to the new model.

The firm, which has some 200 traditional high street branches operated via franchises, launched its Personal Agent scheme in June to much fanfare, offering agents territories linked to local or regional branch hubs but otherwise operating independently and on their own terms.

But it has now launched a third way – or a ‘revised Personal Agent model as the company puts it.

These agents will be entirely hybrid in the purest form, operating under the Hunters branch but not attached to a branch hub.

The first to sign up is Lloyd Coleman (pictured), an agent with nearly 30 years’ experience within the property industry.

Long career

This includes nearly 12 years spent running his own company in North London before he joined Hertfordshire agency Statons where until now he had been working as a branch manager.

Hunters’ Personal Agents are licensed to operate in new areas under its brand and benefit from full franchise support including marketing, social media, portal access, industry-leading training and software.

The benefits are that there are minimal ongoing business costs, with the due diligence and on-boarding process taking as little as four weeks.

Coleman says: “Following a long career working for a range of well-known brands, as well as operating my own business, I’m delighted to take the next step, joining the Hunters Personal Agent initiative which provides me the freedom and flexibility to work on my own terms, with the support of one of the country’s leading estate agency networks. “Having lived [in Hertfordshire] for over 40 years, I look forward to drawing on my intensive local knowledge to deliver exceptional customer service and results for clients.”

Link to news of the property industry's movers and shakersHunters MD Glynis Frew says: “We are committed to continually evolving our offering to meet market demands and differing personal needs, with increased flexibility forming a key part of this.
“This franchise model is designed to offer agents full flexibility in running their own business, with Personal Agents getting the best of both worlds including access to our industry-leading training and marketing support that can give them the competitive edge.”

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