‘I hate my boss’ say nearly half in property firms

The property industry is the fourth worst sector for staff disliking their manager, a new survey shows.

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Managers working in the property industry are among the most disliked of any sector, a new survey reveals.

Nearly half of staff said they hated their boss, giving reasons such as poor management, lack of communication and bullying.

Reboot, a search engine optimisation (SEO) firm carried out the study, asking 3,445 people from 29 different sectors whether they liked their boss, and if not, what were the main reasons.

Property and construction are fourth in the league table of shame (see graph below) with 45% saying they clashed with their manager.

In first place is the retail industry, with 51% of people surveyed disliking their boss, followed closely with 48% in the healthcare industry and then sales, 47%.

Not surprised
Anthony Hesse, Managing Director, Property Personnel

Anthony Hesse, MD of Property Personnel, told The Neg he wasn’t surprised at all by the survey findings.

“People often end up as managers [in the property industry] because they were the best salesperson or just hung around a long time.

“We see it all the time, and quite often the problem is other team members. Sometimes it is a clash of personalities, or a total lack of ability to manage.”

“Some people should squirm when they read this because of the way they treat staff”

He says some bosses do not show empathy to staff and are not approachable or flexible about time off needed for family issues. They can also show favouritism to people doing the same job as others.

Hesse says some companies have very bad reputations for the way they treat staff, and have a high turnover. Forums such as Glassdoor allow people to share experiences.

“Some people should squirm when they read this because of the way they treat staff,” he says.

Top 10 worst sectors

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  1. Having moved from my own agency where I had staff staying for many years, to a Corporate I was amazed at the poor levels of management. It was assumed that if you were good at selling you would make a good manager. – wrong. They spent lots of time ‘training’ us to tout, generate mortgage appointments and sell expensive photo packages but no time at all teaching the managers to manage, probably because they had no idea themselves!

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