Elevator pitch: Why should lettings agencies use… Arthur?

Online property management proptech platform's CEO Marc Trup argues his case.

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We grill property management software platform Arthur’s CEO Marc Trup about his service and ask him to make his case to letting agencies.

What’s your elevator pitch?

“Designed to boost efficiency with cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions, Arthur is a revolutionary cloud-based software which enables property managers, landlords and agencies to control their property portfolio anytime, anywhere, with a dedicated suite of apps and full mobile functionality.”

There’s lots of property management platforms like yours – what’s your USP?

“Arthur is the only cloud-based property management platform with a functionally rich suite of apps,” he says.

“We are the only property management platform that’s fully integrated with both Xero and Quickbooks.

“The seamless integration between third-party apps, in conjunction with Arthur’s impressive range of easy to use features handling financials, reporting applicant viewing and management, workflow management, is what makes Arthur a leading software in the UK proptech sector, achieving 100% growth each year.”

What’s new?

“We have unveiled two new tenant functions in response to the recent pandemic: the Covid Profile and the Vulnerability Profile,” he says.

“These will provide tenants with an accessible platform to inform property managers of any health or wellbeing related issues that need to be considered when scheduling viewings or third-party related work.

Do you make home working easier during Covid?

“Our business model has been designed to aid the flexible work patterns of individuals, and as a result is reflective of the current climate where we have seen a significant increase in the number of people working from home,” he says.

“Our mission at Arthur is always to advance our unique software to ensure we continue to provide a world class property management solution and maintain a leading position in the market.

What third-party suppliers, apps and plugins do you integrate with? Fixflo, Brief Your Market etc?

“Yes, we have integrated thousands of popular third-party industry apps including Xero, Quickbooks, Rightmove and Zoopla to name a few.”

How do agents switch to your CRM software?

“Agents can share their data with the team in an excel file which will then be uploaded onto the platform,” he says.

“Once the upload is complete, Arthur then integrates the pre-existing data into additional products that may be required, such as Xero. Arthur is completely customisable to suit agents’ individual needs in terms of fields, automation, looks and much more.”

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